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Groundbreaking Moments in VR

Everyone remembers the first time they were transported to another place and time via the wonders of visual magic. In a bygone era, it was the audience that ran from the theater when…

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Boardgame Kaiju

In a world where giant kaiju roam the Earth, battling for supremacy of the boardgame metaverse… I read an article about the digital artist Simon Stålenhag (I recommend googling him!) that really got…

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Zumfarter is a game I was developing at the start of 2020’s pandemic lockdown, just when everyone was learning how to use Zoom for the first time. Is it based on a true…

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Inner Sleeve Bingo

What do Led Zeppelin, George Carlin, the J Geils Band, and Yes have in common? Let’s dig into your vinyl collection and find out in this bingo-inspired game for music enthusiasts. So what…

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The art of mixing games

PICTURE ME AS A TEENAGER AT STRATEGICON. Before I started working at gaming cons I used to go to as an attendee with a HUGE stack of games. I would pick a central…

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Gamurgy Defined

Gamurgy: 1. The science of discovering, creating and combining games. 2 . The art of finding the game in anything. Like metallurgy, it has to do with making alloys of games. Coming up…

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The history of Gamurgy

Gamurgy is an idea I created in 1999. By that time I had been playing and creating games for over 20 years. As I looked back on all the types of games I…

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