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Asking for a friend…I mean, designing this game for a friend… You’ve all been there. The Monday, all-hands company meeting over Zoom. Everyone signs in and turns off their video and mutes their mic. Only, some people forget to mute themselves. Then it happens: the unthinkable. But, isn’t your mic off? You check, and it’s … Continue reading Zumfarter

Inner Sleeve Bingo

What do Led Zeppelin, George Carlin, the J Geils Band, and Yes have in common? Apart from sharing the same label (Atlantic) at one point and being in my vynil collection, they all appeared on the same inner sleeve. Remember those printed ads for Decca and RCA and ATCO on the inner sleeves of album … Continue reading Inner Sleeve Bingo

Gamurgy Defined

There aren’t too many words in the dictionary that end in “urgy”. Metallurgy… Thaumaturgy… Dramaturgy… Zymurgy (yum!). And, if I can just get spell checker to remove the red underline, Gamurgy. Well it’s not but it should be. Here’s my definition: Gamurgy: 1. The science of discovering, creating and combining games. 2 . The art … Continue reading Gamurgy Defined

The history of Gamurgy

Gamurgy is an idea I created in 1999. By that time I had been playing and creating games for over 20 years. As I looked back on all the types of games I had created, one thing was pretty clear: I liked to combine games and I liked to make a game out of either … Continue reading The history of Gamurgy

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