Grams, Cryptos, Wordplay


This is a preview of a new puzzle I am working on based on intricate wooden puzzle boxes. If you’ve ever spent hours working on a simple wooden box that your grandpa left lying on a table, after saying “there’s a treat inside”… then you know what it’s like to drive yourself nuts only to … Continue reading Puzzlebox


Below is a puzzle I presented at the January 2018 L.A. Puzzle Party. Looking back I would say it is Difficulty Level: HARD. Some say the worst thing about sitcoms is that they are too formulaic. Let’s test that! Take a moment to print out the two PDFs linked below. You will see that I … Continue reading Situquations

Bigramical Rhymbles

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, here’s a puzzle which I presented a couple years back at the local National Puzzlers League gathering. It involves a fair amount of arcane Scrabble knowledge in that you need to know all the Scrabble-legal two-letter words. It requires a decent amount of Dr. Seuss familiarity … Continue reading Bigramical Rhymbles

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