Boardgame Kaiju

Don’t Break the Ice -vs- Mouse Trap

In a world where giant kaiju roam the Earth, battling for supremacy of the boardgame metaverse…

I read an article about the digital artist Simon Stålenhag (I recommend googling him!) that really got me thinking about the strange and gloriously meta worlds in which small things are huge and giant mechanical things are commonplace. My personal meta worlds are almost always populated by games, especially board games, so why not a universe of giant, kaiju games?

Here are several drawings that came to me during that weird liminal phase between dreaming about games and waking up completely. I drew them as soon as I got up so that I would not forget the strange visions I had. I think I must have recently see that horrible “Battleship” remake that looks like a cross between “Pacific Rim” and “Jumanji.”

Contact the artist for commission inquiries (hahahahaha).

Kerplunk -vs- Rubik’s Cube -vs- Trouble
Candyland -vs- Chutes & Ladders
Battleship -vs- Mastermind