There is a Game inside everything

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“I can make a game out of anything”
– The Gamurgist

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I think it’s helpful to begin with a famous quote from a well-known person. You know, someone who really embodies the spirit of the work at hand. An uncompromising figure who…

Just kidding. But in the words of William Shatner, “I think I could do it!”

Then again, no one ever handed Bill copies of Wiz-War and Risk at a convention and dared him to combine the two. He would have rightfully replied, “That’s insane…That’s impossible.” As did I, when asked. But then a moment later I added: “I think I have an idea.”

And it was playable!

Truth be told we played it for almost an hour until, I think, the Red Wizard holed himself up in Madagascar with three Magic Stones, a Sudden Death, Amplify and half a dozen number cards.

And there’s a lesson somewhere in that. It’s probably: “Don’t dare Pat to combine two games unless you are prepared to sit down and play the monstrosity for an hour.” But it could just as easily be: “There’s a game inside anything.”

Inside the meeting point between two other games. Inside the spirit of one game and the form of another. Inside a mundane daily activity. Inside a one-of-a-kind, lightning-in-a-bottle magical moment.

Magic Moment! Here, half way down the page… the goal of this website:

To discover the game inside of anything. To dig into what makes us struggle to win when there is no Victory Track. To delight in whimsy when confronting the mundane. To gamify, heighten, find the nugget of truth, and codify the rules of engagement for any moment of life. And to bring together like-minded jokers in the pursuit of adventure.

And to combine games.

Don’t make me prove it unless you’ve got an hour to kill!

And hopefully you’ve got more than an hour to kill because whether you have just discovered or are reading this well in the future, there are and/or should be a lot of games here.

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