21 Maxicon memories to celebrate Maxicon 21


The organic, unplanned pile of food that happened at Maxicon 1.

How popular “pile of food” is as a chat area.

Someone puking on my bathroom floor at 5 am.

A minefield of 25 mostly unknown sleeping bodies at 8am.

The broken chair that “no one” broke.

Shouts of “no bang smelly hole” that woke the neighbors.

The daylong blacklight ping pong rave.

Turning half my house and backyard into Katamari Damacy.

Year One at Matt’s house and Matt’s face afterward.

How popular Dilithium Bartender was (big surprise).

Six glorious hours of Burgermeister Meisterburger.

TED Talks taking over Maxicon (which I now strangely miss).

Best potluck donation ever: 50 cheeseburgers.

Yearly mystery donation of random mismatched kid size snack bars.

Monday mornings spent working on Matt’s yard.

Saying goodbye with same game (Falling) & guests every year.

Tom’s Sunday Midnight Bucket Brigade.

Turning a space fan into “The Wheel of Topics!”.

“We’re out of ____.” (later) “Oh no we’re drowning in ____!”

LARPS designed to take over whole house including non-players.

Opening Ceremonies, which never drew anyone until 2020.