Online Theatre Is Available Now!

Escape Rooms, Shakespeare and Zoom

Don’t lose hope, my theatre brethren… there are shows and they are going on now!

If you, like me, wallowed — even briefly — in the fear that creative output would be put on hold for an unknown but sizable number months, it simply has turned out to not be true. There are many actors, writers, producers and theater owners out there battling the Zoom learning curves and Google Hangout intricacies in order to bring drama, comedy and excitement to your living room computers.

In the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed several plays, improvs, escape rooms, multi-screen media works, classic National Theatre performances, read throughs, and fake read-throughs. An amazing variety of experiences– and yes quite a variety of success levels and technical abilities — but they are out there.

Who among you hasn’t sat through a few clunkers just to find that gem or to learn something from the bravery of others that you can leverage in your own dramatic growth.

So keeping in mind that this is be no means an exhaustive list, here are some links (current as of May 17, 2020) to theatrical events. There are some national events that I felt were of interest to local theater people here as well several local (Southern California) events which are marked with ‘ * ‘.

YouTube channel
Actor’s Theatre
National Theatre
No Proscenium
Second City
The Barclay
Broadway on Demand
Theatre Development Fund
Stars In The House
Play per View
24-Hour Plays
Social Distancing Festival
Kennedy Center
Time Out NY
The Met
NY Opera
Fisher Center
PBS 13
American Theatre Magazine links
Filmed On Stage
* Goldstar OC
* Laguna Playhouse
* La Jolla
* The Main
* The Pack

Gonna Happen
* OC Improv
* Finger Guns
* ImrovCity
* Ophelia’s Jump

Puzzle Break
Trapped in the Web
* No Proscenium

American Theatre Magazine
* OC Theatre Group

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