What you will find at Gamurgy.com

Gamurgy.com is a place to explore that weird place where several of my lifelong interests converge:

  • Boardgames
  • Puzzles
  • LARPs
  • Immersive experiences
  • Video games
  • Traditional theatre
  • Comedy

Boardgames include card games, role playing, CCGs, miniatures, word games and kids games. We all grew up playing Monopoly and Connect Four, so why not infuse your creations with something we all know?

Puzzles can be crosswords, cryptics, riddles, sudoku, rebuses, brain twisters, metal tangle puzzles, and wooden mystery boxes. My sweet spot is hour-long puzzle on paper with meta-solutions that is the mainstay of the National Puzzler’s League.

LARPs are anything from parlor games to boffer wars, with my favorite being the kind you can play in one evening where everyone has a character and a goal. Imagine a store-bought murder mystery but for a 30 people and with costumes.

Immersive covers the gamut from Escape Rooms to VR to interactive installations with anything from Meow Wolf to Lazer Tag thrown in. Almost anything can be made immersive, and nearly any immersive experience can be gamurgized.

Video games, especially classic ones, but with a definite leaning toward Myst, Breath of the Wild and Rock Band and less of Madden Football and Fortnite.

Traditional theatre where there’s an audience and a stage and the material is written, including musicals, community theatre, black box one-acts and staged reading.

Comedy, whether it be stand up or sketch, and especially my favorite: improv.

In fact, LOTS of improv. You’ll likely see many of my designs involve improv whenever possible. Improvising a character while playing, improvising new rules when a game breaks down, improvising a solution to a puzzle or riddle, and — as always — me improvising my presentation of a game so that the players gradually understand what zany combination I am introducing them to.

Please enjoy Gamurgy.com, where styles, games, formats, and age-old media forms collide.