Post-Pandemic Theatre

Sample Night of Fun
A sample reopening night of fun.

This has been quite a year for theatre people… and it’s not even half way over.

I’m a Scenic Designer and when the coronavirus hit I had three shows in their first or second week of performances. Plus, I was working on the next one in the scene shop. I don’t even know if any of the sets are still there, honestly. I know only a handful of performances happened.

Undaunted, I started mulling over how the eventual reopening would play out. The possibilities seemed to be changing almost every day for that first month (March?). But I got together with other creatives in those first weeks and we brainstormed.

The result is the PowerPoint/Google Slides document below (or click here).

I have put together some ideas regarding how theaters can open up with content when the Coronavirus lockdown eases up. The file represents the opinions and thoughts of the author only, and not those of any person or any theatre implied either explicitly or implicitly within.