PatGame Archive: Chopstick Mazes

Digging back into the PatGame archives to 2006 for this pencil-and-paper maze game based on using pencils like chopsticks to solve a double-path maze!

Here is the original post from October 3rd, 2006:

Equipment: printout of Chopstick Maze #1
Players: 1

Are normal mazes too easy for you? Looking for something to increase your potsticker-picking-up skills? Why not kill two birds with one pair of chopsticks!?

Chopstick Mazes look like a regular maze, but here’s the part where I mess with you – Noodle Planet-style:

You have to solve TWO intertwined mazes at the same time using two pencils AND you have to do it while holding your pencils like chopsticks.

Start at the lower right corner of Maze #1 with your pencils in hand. Enter the side-by-side starting gates and try to make your way all the way to the twin exit gates on the left side.

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Both pencils have to stay in the same color at the same time. So, starting from the green section, neither pencil can enter the blue section until they BOTH do. Same goes for the pink section, and finally the purple section.

Think your gyoza-fu is up to it?

Les Misérables Love Letters

Love Letters is almost the perfect game. You can keep a copy of it in your wallet or your car glovebox. You can print your own set of it on a letter size sheet of paper. They aren’t sticklers about people making their own playable copies. You can change just ONE card to make it fit a whole new book or movie, and the new card’s powers can completely change the feel of the game without ruining the gameplay. I’m just glad they made the game, turned a little profit and then showed you how to run with it on your own. No fuss, no expansion packs, no overpowering the game just to sell more versions.

Here is a copy I made almost 7 years ago with new art for Les Misérable fans. No new powers… just new art. For rules on how to play just Google “love letters card game”.