Gamurgy Defined

Photo of gamurgization

There aren’t too many words in the dictionary that end in “urgy”. Metallurgy… Thaumaturgy… Dramaturgy… Zymurgy (yum!). And, if I can just get spell checker to remove the red underline, Gamurgy. Well it’s not but it should be.

Here’s my definition:

1. The science of discovering, creating and combining games.
2 . The art of finding the game in anything.

Like metallurgy, it has to do with making alloys of games. Coming up with something new from two previous game ideas, or creating something out of a game mechanic and something in nature or culture.

Like thaumaturgy, it is a magical art. It creates magic and quite often has to do precisely with the themes of then magical world.

Like dramaturgy, it is literary in nature, it often invites acting and make believe, and it is enjoyed by both the spotlight-seekers and the engaged viewer.

1. (To) turn something into a game…


Go ahead and look at the online definition for gamify. It’s all about video games. And don’t get me wrong, I love video games, but that’s a whole different website.

1. (To) turn something into a game that is not normally considered game-like..
2 . (To) find a way to combine two unrelated things (or games) and create a game out of both which honors both ideas.

And I would further add that whatever is created needs to be fun or at least educational. It needs to speak to the individual elements and it should at least evoke a feeling upon playing it of having given the experience of both elements.

And like zymurgy, it should go well with beer.

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